Tom from has contributed two articles to  I had the opportunity to ski with Tom a couple of times at Hunter Mountain.   Check out his inspiring video Voice-of-Truth. It will absolutely get you pumped.  Tom is known for his radical skiing and he is pictured here getting some air.




Skiing is a great sport that can be equally enjoyed by those who are physically challenged. In fact, adaptive skiing was discovered by European war veterans that were looking for rehab and recreation opportunites after World War II. Today it has grown into a thriving sport with many participants at numerous resorts across the US and Canada.

Adaptive skiing enables individuals to move pass their physical limitations and experience the thrill of skiing through training and special equipment. There are many techniques and equipment available to create opportunities for people with amputations, paraplegia, quadriplegia, birth defects, cerebral palsy, head injury, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, stroke, visual impairment and more. This equipment includes skis with molded seats and shock absorbers (mono-ski and bi-ski), a sit-ski (similar to a sled) and poles with forearm attachment and ski tips (a.k.a. outriggers). Skiers also use a regular ski or skis with outriggers in specific cases (a.k.a. three-tracking and four-track).

The most comprehensive website I found on adaptive skiing was This site provides adaptive skiing history, techniques, articles, info on participating resorts (click resource section, organizations), equipment links (click resource section, equipment) and more. It also provides great information on other adaptive sports.

Another great site is This site provides instructional videos, books, skiing techniques, inspiration, equipment tips and reviews, video clips and more. If you are hesitating in trying the sport, check out the skier getting serious air on a mono-ski. Now tell me that wouldn’t be fun …

For the best websites on adaptive ski qear visit:, and


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