SkiEnthusiast strongly recommends the use of helmets because they can dramatically reduce head trauma during a fall. In fact, the British Medical Journal reports that the risk of head injury may be reduced by 29 to 56% when wearing a helmet while skiing or snowboarding. This is the first major study to include all age groups. In a previous study on children aged less than 13 years, helmets reduced the risk of head, face and neck injury by 43%. With today’s technology, they are lightweight, warm and fashionable too. In addition, ventilation systems actually work and provide decent cooling on warm spring days. When buying a helmet it is important to ensure it is comfortable yet fits snug and meets one of the following performance specifications; Snell RS-98 or S-98, ASTM F2040 or CE (European). For reference the Snell and ASTM standards are more rigorous than the CE specification.

I have used Boeri for years.  I liked the fit and styling and it met the required performance specifications.  Last year I switched to Giro because the lining wore out in the Boeri.  Again it came down to fit, styling and performance.  The Giro also had better cooling.

The most informative website on ski helmets is They provide a wealth of information such as reviews, fit guides, size charts and more. Another informative site is  A list of helmet manufactures are listed below for reference.  Just google name as links frequency change.

Helmet Manufacturers
Boeri | Giro | Leedom | Briko | Red | K2 | Pro-Tec
Salomon | Uvex | Carrera | Teamwendy | Acerbis | Scott

Personal Experience

Once on an icy mogul run, my skis went out from under me on a patch of ice and I slammed my head on another patch of solid ice further behind me. If it were not for the helmet I was wearing at the time, I may have suffered a severe injury such as a laceration or a concussion. However, instead I walked away with a small headache that lasted only a run or so and enjoyed the rest of the day on the slopes instead of in a hospital. Moral of the story is helmets do work and it is wise to use them regularly.