Rental Gear

There are only a few simple tips when renting gear.


  • Find a quality shop with good equipment and service. If you have to wait in line more than 5-7 minutes, leave.
  • Be frank about your ability.
  • To save time at the mountain (typically long lines) rent your skis from a local shop the night before. Local shops often carry better equipment.
  • Make sure the skis have a good tune (edges are sharp) and inspect the ski and boots for damage. If there is any damage to the equipment, point it out to the assistant helping you so they do not charge you for it when you return them or if severe get another pair.
  • If available, pay the extra $1 or so for insurance.


First Purchase of Equipment

If you become serious about skiing and find you will go more than 5 times a year, you should purchase your own equipment. SkiEnthusiast recommends renting for the first 5 times before you purchase so you can develop enough skill to actually feel how the skis will perform. It is recommended to purchase toward the end of the season to get the best deal as many shops have close out sales. You can also purchase a pair of used rental skis you liked. A friend of mine purchased a used pair of rental Salomon X-Scream skis, boots and poles for $70. This lasted her the entire next season until she gained enough skill to purchase high quality equipment that would last for several years.