Proper skiing instruction is the key to mastering the most challenging slopes. The following information is intended to supplement and enforce the skills taught by a knowledgeable ski instructor. Beginners should first read the feature article “SkiEnthusiast’s Challenge”.


Safety First – Here are few brief tips to ensure your safety on the mountain:

  1. Wear a helmet … they really help prevent head injuries …
  2. Before proceeding down the mountain, look up the mountain for oncoming skiers and respect their right of way.
  3. Always stop in an area that oncoming skiers can see you, preferably off to the side of heavily skied areas.
  4. Always stay in control of your speed and respect designated slow skiing areas.
  5. Remove your pole straps before getting on to the lift.
  6. If you totally lose control, purposely fall (preferably to the side) to avoid leaving the trail and/or hitting a tree, lift tower or snow making equipment.


Stance – Stance is critical to becoming an expert skier. Let’s review the basic stance:

  1. Forward, Forward, Forward … The top reason skiers have difficulty with advanced terrain is that they have fallen back in their stance. Unfortunately, this is a natural reaction to fear. It is critical to stay forward when you are skiing at all times. So what does forward mean? In a proper stance your chest should be directly above your toes with a slight bend at the waist. This will adjust some when you’re skiing, but it is a good mind set.
  2. There should be a slight bend in your knees and your shins should apply a comfortable pressure to the front of the boot.
  3. Keep your poles out in front of you and to the side, with arms slightly bent and your elbows in line with the front of your chest and 7-8 inches from your sides.
  4. Keep your chin and eyes up and be ready to anticipate turn shapes.